Cecil Leuter – Pop Electronique [Crea Sound, 1969]

Cecil Leuter - Pop ElectroniqueThose of us in our middle years still like to have a good bop now and again. Many of us cut a pleasant dash in our funky duds and take to the mod dance floor with great aplomb.

Sadly, when you reach a certain age, your digestive system starts to rebel against you: loudly and indeed publically.

Knee joints aside, your groovy quotient decreases rapidly when the gurgles and pops of your inner workings are louder than the go-go beats pounding from the speakers.

The wonderfully named Roger Roger, recording under the moniker of Cecil Leuter, was something of a Moog whizz. “Pop Electronique” celebrates the fly in a washing machine organ with all its honks, beeps, whirrs and blips.

If your bag is listening to the sound of a stomach holding forth to a Kensington hip groove – and who doesn’t dig that – then you’re quids in. There’s space organs a plenty in here and enough wild beats to keep every DJ happy.

You can almost picture Cecil twiddling knobs and dials in happy mad scientist frenzy as the session band grind out 60s pop in the background. There’s at least one psychedelic mural on the wall and probably a rash of black lights to boot.

At times you can feel the shrieking presence of Mort Garson with a touch of Bruce Haack thrown in for good measure as the organs start to moan and swirl and the beats slow down to a mere snake.

There is no single Moog album in existence that you could label “sane”, but that really isn’t the point.

Someone invented the Hammond so that white kids could get up and dance. The Moog exists for the weird unadulterated pleasure of outsider music enthusiasts, serial killers and those of us with middle-aged bowels.

You could quite happily spin this at a gathering of your like-minded and most intimate chums – as long as the Kool-Aid is neon pink and the nibbles are toasted frog.

And who doesn’t like a reptilian canapé from time to time?


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