Singer-songwriter Holland Greco signed to Zappa Records

Singer, songwriter, musician, and poet Holland Greco‘s debut album “Volume 1”, due out February 2014 on Zappa Records, will mark the first original artist signed this century to the label headed by Gail Zappa.

Holland Greco

In 2010 Greco appeared on one of the “Frank Zappa Birthday Bundles“, with a cover of Zappa’s “Take Your Clothes Off When You Dance“.

On her debut album the multi-faceted Greco lives up to the honor with an eclectic musical palette that is in full effect on the album which showcases her double vision in the two halves of “Volume 1”: the light and dark sides of her personality and the deeper, smoke-filled vocals.

In Gail Zappa’s words: “I want to see what we can do with obvious talent, a unique vision, big dreams, and a ukulele.”

[Source: www.broadwayworld.com]