Exit Human – Arvada [DH Records, 2001]

Exit Human - ArvadaElectronic bleeps and beeps that would make Karlheinz Stockhausen proud, beats that will set every dance floor on fire, female voices from your favorite nightmare: welcome to the world of Exit Human. This is certainly one of the best “modern” CDs I’ve heard in a while.

“The songs on this album are a document of the birth of an artificial organism” claims their website. Whatever the story is, this mixture of Krautrock, electronica and hip-hop is exciting and fun. “We encourage your insight into the relevance of these files. Is it a document of the emergence of an artificial life form, a mistake, or a joke? We are convinced. She is the voice in the static that draws you nearer. She is the nexus between automation and organism.” This is what Moby would have sounded like had he been assimilated by the Borg. Resistance is futile. Exit human.

Marco Kalnenek

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