Liminal – Unhinged [The Fear, 2010]

Liminal - UnhingedLiminal, an alias of Robert Stevenson, brings you Unhinged. A soundtrack to a horror movie from 1982. By using mainly synthesizers, and their effects, Liminal creates a tension that matches this movie with lots of bloodsheds.

Come to mention ‘blood’, the artwork for this EP shows the eyes and teeth of a bloodthirsty creature. It just as well might have been the album cover of some satanic rockgroup… I must admit that I thought I should’ve expected a lot of squeeling guitars and demonic lyrics. Fortunately it sounds completely different!

People who aren’t familiar to this movie, and I think there are many (myself included), can imagine their own screenplay. In fact, one can make up a new story over and over again. Since the tracks on Unhinged don’t have to be played from A to Z, every time it’s played at random a new story can be created. Which is fun and good for the listener’s development of fantasy, but it also shows Stevenson’s possible incompetency of creating a chronological EP. Whether it is done on purpose, I don’t know, but it does make it more exciting to listen to more than once.

Stevenson is a good movie score composer, but to listen to his work without moving images to accompany it, one certainly has to be imaginative.

Marin van Campen

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