Andrew Liles & Jean-Hervé Peron – Fini! [Dirter Promotions, 2008]

Andrew Liles - FiniWhen mayhem artists like Nurse With Wound’s Andrew Liles and Faust’s Jean-Hervé Peron conspire, the result might be described as acousmaniac. Fini! is an arsenal of fun that comes on like a vibra-gun blast to the pineal gland. The glorious studio tomfuckery of “The Drummer is on Valium,” Fini!’s opening cut, let’s us know in no uncertain terms that Krautrock hasn’t stopped mutating after all these decades, nor has it been successfully recycled by the archons of mainstream airwaves. That’s one thing that makes Fini! delightful. It comes on like an artifact from an alien culture excavated by reanimated Dadaists from five feet of moon-dust. Touch not the obelisk lest centuries of Germanic gnosis light up your central nervous system like Meister Eckhart’s pinball machine. This wanton little orgone-grinder is enhanced with blasts of blago-bung plus multi-lingual spoken word. “Congo Bongo La La La,” coming in shy of two minutes, stands out with brilliant eccentricity, teasing us with a slow build up of La La La before the Congo Bongo briefly shakes the bachelor tree house until it disgorges all the monkeys. While most cuts are incredibly brief, leaving the listener a little hungry for more, much more, and seeming to be the disc’s connective tissue, “Shake Your Hooves” rises up like a delirious five-minute ethno-pagan evocation of Pan.

A sweet release like this demands its own context, maybe a dainty tea-party of genteel aristocrats at which you, stripped naked with cabalistic signs emblazoned on your shaved body, spin Fini! at maximum ear-bleeding intensity before setting fire to the curtains and riding off on a white ass. You can claim that you did this at the behest of “It’s Too Loud,” which sounds like it was recorded on a Messerschmitt. If this impromptu circus doesn’t result in the New Aeon of Amon Düül IV, all is lost. Out of this world!

Steve Aydt

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