Uncle Neptune - Uncle Neptune [no label, 2001]

Imagine Kermit the Frog singing Tiny Tim tunes backed up by the Bonzo Dog Band. Throw in some kazoo, some banjo, some positively positive lyrics and voilĂ : there you have Uncle Neptune. According to their website "Uncle Neptune embodies the true extent of love and peace and understands the great importance that this type of music provides towards a developing mind." That may sound a bit pretentious, but the self-titled debut cd by this Canadian band surely is fun all the way through.

While listening to their mixture of childrens music and 1920s vaudeville songs you should read about the mythical Uncle Neptune on the band's well-designed website. Don't expect any muscial innovations. Instead sit back and let your mind drift back to your childhood. Or better still, transport yourself to 'the valley of the orange sun', because that's where Uncle Neptune lives. Okay kids, it's time for bed now.....

"Although Uncle Neptune resides in a world of fantasy, there is nothing imaginary about his message. He gives us a feeling we all enjoy and he portrays a world that we all want to live in one day."

All Uncle Neptune albums are freely available in mp3-format from the Uncle Neptune website!

Marco Kalnenek

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Uncle Neptune - Uncle Neptune