Two Headed Puppy - The Band of Five Me's [Two Headed Puppy Entertainment, 2002]

Despite claiming to have multiple heads and consisting of several me's, Two Headed Puppy is the brain child of only one person: Misha Malis. His self-produced, home-released debut cd is a lot of fun. Don't expect exceptional vocal or musical stunts or incredibly inventive song writing.

This disc is pure entertainment. And considering that everything from art work to lyrics to mastering were done by one guy it's pretty cool too. Okay, the voice sounds a bit strained in places, the lyrics are not always as funny as the liner notes claim, but Misha clearly enjoys himself a lot.

Now how about finding a couple of like minded musicians and develop a more personal sound? A real five headed band performing this material would surely be a lot of fun.

Marco Kalnenek

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Two Headed Puppy - The Band of Five Me's