The New Creation - Troubled [AlphaOmega Records, 1970]

The Devil, it is said, has all the best tunes. Right?

Wrong! Forget about the Singing Nun and Cliff Richard, the fightback against the Devil's Grip on the ears of the youth began as long ago as 1970, in the backwoods of Canada. Well, Vancouver, really, but let's not let facts get in the way of a good tale.

Concerned, probably, with the rise of Satanic rock, in the form of Black Sabbath,The Guess Who and Engelbert Humperdink, three young Christians decided to make a record, one that
would, once and for all, prove the superiority of the Christian faith. They convened in a local studio, ready to blast away the evil that had swamped the music business. Here they laid down 12 songs, songs of faith, hope and charity and what songs they were too!

Forget your preconceived ideas as to what Christian rock should sound like, this record  is one ugly mother of God. Starting with 7 minutes of sound effects and "laying out of stall" in "Countdown to Revolution". Very much of it's time. War sounds, despair, drugs, what will save the world? Why a revolution, of course, you say you want one? Well, according to the New Creation, the revolution you seek is that of the Lord. Praise be!

This first number very much "lays it on the line, man". From then on in we are treated to the wildest Christian trip you will ever take. Imagine, if you will a group stuck firmly between the Velvet Underground and the Shaggs. Twanging guitars, ultra primitive drumming and singing so off target that it's pratically gone full circle.

Every track is a winner. Check out Sodom and Gomorrah or The Status Quo song (not THAT
Status Quo). This is prime Canadian beef and, as a bonus, it intends to save your soul too. Perhaps the finest moment is Yet Still Time, in many ways their "Sister Ray", a tale of descent into a drug fuelled hell of a life and back out again. A plea for compassion, with the most primal of backings. Heavily strummed guitars and rythmic bean bag shaking.

They had time, do you?

The near impossible to find original L.P was discovered by respected Vancouver record dealer Ty Scammel. Talked about in hushed tones by those in the know. This was THE Holy Grail of Christian related outsider rock.  The rest of us mere mortals had to wait for the CD reissue.

Trust me, if you love the Shaggs, then you need this record. The band, Lorna and Chris Towers and Janet Tiessen, managed, with the help of the sound guy, to make THE ultimate Christian rock record.

The Pube

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The New Creation - Troubled

The New Creation - Troubled - CD reissue