Music From The Film - Playfully Abrasive [Music From The Film, 2007]
Music From The Film - World War Tree [Music From The Film, 2009]

Music from the Film inhabit the same ghoulish, cartoonish universe as The Melvins, just down the road from Mike Patton. They explore a similar throbbing low-end theory, interuppted by demonoid squeaky toy vocals, and any other noise-maker they could dig out of the toy chest; including aerosol cans, halloween door knockers, glockenspiels, and a slew of stringed and homemade electronic instruments.

Music from the Film is primarily the project of Gary Young and Arthur Harrison, and whomever else happens to be around. They gather around a tape recorder in the center of the room, like a primeval campfire, as they ritualistically exorcise their cacophanous demons. No slick production tricks here, these are raw sounds straight to tape, and you are a fly on the wall, watching. These ramshackle, chaotic jams will not be to everybody's liking, but fans of improvised music and stoned-out extrapolation will find many technicolor morsels on which to feed their ears.

Music from the Film are refreshingly free; free of commercial constraints or label pressures, free of genre limitations, free even of the consideration of what is "music", revelling in pure sonics, wallowing in the moment of creation. They are remarkably sensitive players, not drowning the sound in senseless ego notes. The stringed instruments are tuneful, not just amateurish bashing, and the recording sounds good, if homemade. The homespun aesthetic is conducive to this style of music. Individual tracks don't particularly stand out; rather, the two albums come off as a continual pyrotechnic magma flow.

Other reviewers make this band out to be a band of whimsical ADD gnomes. There is a sense of restlessness, exploration, and play, their sound reminds me more of the sarcastic misanthropy of The Melvins or post-punk legends The Fall. These records are challenging and engaging, and while i will not be playing them as i go to sleep, i will stop by and visit their strange world again.

J. Simpson

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Music From The Film - Playfully Abrasive

Music From The Film - World War Tree