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Roger Roger (5 August 1911 - 12 June 1995) was a French band leader and composer of music for film, radio and tv. He worked under various aliases: Eric Swan, Cecil Leuter and Roger Davy.

Born in Rouen, Normandy, Roger started composing for films in the 1930s, and was responsible for the famous pantomime sequences in Marcel Carné's Les Enfants du Paradis (1944). He also performed and composed music for several European radio stations, including Radio Luxembourg, Radio 37 and Europe 1.

After the Second World War, Roger became a composer of library music, i.e. music designed to evoke a particular mood in a film or television production. Much of his output became available via Chappell Music, and Roger also went into partnership with Frank Chacksfield to work on several projects for the BBC. He also composed for the Canadian production publisher Parry Publishing and the American Major Mood Music library.

By the time he retired in the mid-1970s, he claimed to have written for over 50 radio productions, nearly as many television shows, and to have had music used in over 500 films.

Cecil Leuter is the pseudonym Roger used for his electronic productions. These include his Pop Electronique album from 1969.

Roger Roger died in Paris in 1995. Since his death, renewed interest in light music has seen several CD albums released, both albums under his own name and on compilations, notably of his "test card music", which was used by the BBC in the 1970s.

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