For Your Ears: Zapoppin’ – Live At The Curse

October 14th saw the release of “Live At The Curse”, the seventh long-player from underground band Zapoppin’. The album appears courtesy of Last Shop Recs, Damnsonic, and Cassette Store Day 2017 – for whom the limited edition tape was sent to partaking stores.

Live At The Curse was recorded during spring 2016 while Zapoppin’ – now performing as a stripped down ‘electrick’ organ and drums duo – toured the UK. It features early performances of brand new cuts ‘Look It Up In A Book’ (detailing the arcane extremes one must go to for love) and ‘Theme From A Spelling Bee’ (a sort of new wave jazz instrumental to appeal to TV programmers).

The resulting record is a document of Zapoppin’ at their most energetic and liberated. 10 tracks zoom by in around 30 minutes leaving the audience by turns confused and exhilarated as the band veer from punkish guitar-less garage to vibrato-led end-of-the-pier ballads. While the line-up and instrumentation may differ significantly from the anti-folk Zapoppin’ of old, the group have found their feet as this new edition of the band with considerable ease. Always different, always the same.

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