New Beverly Fre$h video

Beverly Fre$h is a contemporary artist, musician and professor based in Detroit and Chicago. He has broken several Guinness book world records; including breaking the most eggs on his head and compiling the tallest stack of rap tapes. He has performed in a variety of venues including liquor store parking lots, atop the Great Wall of China, Machu Picchu and at Check Point Charlie. He is an award winning multimedia artist that has exhibited extensively throughout the U.S. and abroad, including shows in Japan, China, Germany, Ukraine, and Canada.

The “How Ya Do” is an original dance move, resembling a frantic handshake along with an uncontrollably shaky leg, that was introduced by Beverly Fre$h on the second single from his latest album “BED” on sUPERIORbelly Records. Artist / Architect Ania Jaworska directed the video and designed the sets, which take visual cues from Cab Calloway’s “Old Man River,” (1964) and Frank Sinatra’s “Old Man River” (1946) videos. The director decided to showcase the fancy side of the often gritty Beverly Fre$h and used these visual references to pay homage to showmanship of the past.

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