The Residents release the ultimate box set

Mysterious pop combo The Residents are celebrating four decades of activity with a VERY big new box set: The Ultimate Box Set arrives in a 28 cubic foot fridge.

THE ULTIMATE BOX SET INFOMERCIAL from The Cryptic Corp on Vimeo.

It’s a completist’s dream, featuring original pressings of everything The Residents have ever released. After almost 40 years of prolific activity, there’s a lot of material in there: all of the band’s 50-plus albums, their many compilation LPs, plus a lot of video pieces, singles and live albums. The total number of goodies runs to well over 100 items. The band have also thrown in one of their famous giant eyeball masks.

Only ten of the fridge sets have been produced, all of which will go on sale on Christmas Day via The Residents’ website. The price? $100,000.

If that’s not sufficiently absurd, the band are also hawking a box containing a mystery item. The artefact inside the box will remain a secret unless somebody buys it. We ought to mention that “special” box is priced at $5m dollars.

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