ESP-Disk plans remastered 50th anniversary editions

It’s still a year away, but in June 2013 legendary label ESP-Disk will be celebrating its 50th anniversay (1963-2013). There are many great things ahead during this time starting with the re-mastering of the entire master tape library. The label foresees a special 50th Anniversay Edition series of releases which contain interview footage with label founder Bernard Stollman and ESP-Disk artists recorded over a 34 year period by music producer Michael D. Anderson.

From the beginning, ESP-Disk’s goal has been to provide its recording artists with complete artistic freedom, unimpeded by any record company interference or commercial expectations—a philosophy summed-up by the ESP motto, printed on every release: “The artists alone decide what you will hear on their ESP-Disk”.

Though it originally existed to release Esperanto-based music, starting with its second release (Albert Ayler’s Spiritual Unity), ESP became the most important exponent of what is commonly referred to as free jazz.

Artists who have recorded for the label include Ornette Coleman, Pharaoh Sanders (who made his recording debut on ESP), Sun Ra, Ronnie Boykins, Marion Brown, Sonny Simmons, Paul Bley, Ran Blake, and Perry Robinson.