For Your Ears: Kalahari Surfers – One Party State

We usually post freely available albums in the For Your Ears series, but we got such a nice email from Warrick Sony – the man behind “the original South African Dub Scientists” Kalahari Surfers – that we decided to make an exception. Of course streaming the album, and the others available on the official Kalahari Surfers Bandcamp website, is free.

Long after most of their musical contemporaries from the 1980s have lapsed into silence or irrelevance, the Kalahari Surfers are creating music that is perhaps more influential now than ever before. The Kalahari Surfers were the original South African “Dub Scientists” and their rhythmic and sonic explorations continue to influence a new generation of electronic producers because of their fascination with the possibilities of using the studio as an instrument, and their investigation of the spatial qualities that can be suggested through the creative use of the mixing desk and effects units. But the Surfers are much more than an exploration of dance rhythms and studio techniques; their albums are important expressions of neo-Dadaist South African sound art. Read more here.