Frankie Say: Liverpool

Salvo and ZTT announce the definitive, deluxe edition of Frankie Goes To Hollywood‘s second and final album, Liverpool, on the eve of it’s 25th anniversary.

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - Liverpool

“A quarter of a century on, how has Frankie’s follow-up to Welcome to the Pleasuredome aged?” asks Uncut magazine which awards this new edition ****four stars.

“Startlingly well… (It’s) vibrant, flush with big ideas, and inventive execution… A grandiosity that’s reminiscent of Pink Floyd, and Holly Johnson’s vocals glide smartly between epic and snide. Bonuses include 20-minute remixes of Warriors of the Wasteland and Watching The Wildlife, Bowie/Stones/Doors covers, and Pamela Stephenson’s narrations.”

Liverpool (Deluxe Edition) also features Frankie’s bombastic ’86 comeback special, Rage Hard, in standard and previously-unreleased Montreux and Voiceless variants. And a 36-page booklet with detailed liner notes.

Pre-order Liverpool [Deluxe edition] here