Rhys Chatham Signs Two Record Deal with Northern-Spy

Brooklyn’s Northern-Spy Records is proud to announce the signing of Rhys Chatham, post-minimalist composer and punk-rock luminary, to a two record deal. As one of the innovators of the New York downtown scene, Rhys has pursued a 30-year career that has altered the very DNA of rock music by fusing 60s avant-garde minimalism with the fury of punk. His signing is a crowning jewel to N-SPY’s growing roster of artists who are tenacious, forward-thinking and making devil-be-damned fine music.

Though well-known for his guitar work, Rhys fell in love with the trumpet in the early 80s, a passion he developed secretly for almost a decade. His first Northern-Spy recording, Outdoor Spell, to be released April 12th, 2011, is his first solo trumpet record since the 90s. In his hands, he expands on the spaces explored by Jon Hassell and Don Cherry, creating a new language of spacious droning lines punctuated by lush harmonic shimmers.

In support of the album release, Rhys will play a limited number of dates in select cities in the U.S., Canada, France and England.