Israeli improv group We Are Ghosts releases 2nd album

Every few months, each time in a different location, a quite secret group of Israeli musicians meets in a studio. Most of them have never played together before and some of them don’t know each other. Some aren’t even musicians. Hesitantly, they take their position, plug in their instruments, tune their effects. They breathe in. And then… silence.

The RECORD button is pressed and slowly, one by one, they start to play, with no written music, no predetermined direction or any rehearsals. This is NOT a jam session. It’s musical telepathy.

We Are Ghosts II, the new album by We Are Ghosts, is stylistically different from all other music made in Israel. The project manages to mash different genres (Post rock? Psych? groove? Slowcore?) and create something fresh and hypnotic. The album is available now for “free or fee download” on Bandcamp, with all incomes dedicated to the recording of their next session, which will be… no one really knows.