New Orb album features David Gilmour

David Gilmour’s 2009 jam session with ambient collective The Orb has grown into an album, Metallic Spheres, to be released via Columbia/Sony Records in October. Gilmour’s contribution to the charity song Chicago, in aid of Gary McKinnon, sparked the interest of producer Youth (Martin Glover), who remixed the track and invited David to his studio for a recording session. With additional contributions from Orb co-founder Alex Paterson, the album took shape from 2009 into 2010, eventually becoming Metallic Spheres, to be released by The Orb featuring David Gilmour.

Metallic Spheres is designed to be heard in two parts – ‘Metallic Side’ (24’48”), and ‘Spheres Side’ (25’09”) – each ‘side’ containing five movements. The album features David’s guitar and lap steel guitar, plus some of his vocals from Chicago; Alex Paterson contributes sound manipulation, keyboards and turntables, while Youth adds bass and keyboards and handles the production.

The album will be available in various formats: CD; digital download; and 180-gram vinyl LP. There will also be a 2-CD version, including an extra disc, featuring an alternative mix of the album in the new 3D60™ process, which creates a 360-degree sound experience when heard on headphones, using stereo tracks without the need for any special audio equipment.