Arthur Lyman reissues

The good folks at Collectors Choice have released 18 Arthur Lyman albums in their entirety as 9 two-fer CDs. Lyman has long played third wheel to Les Baxter’s groundbreaking Exotica compositions which begat Martin Denny’s genre-establishing Exotica small jazz combo of which Lyman was Denny’s protoge and offshoot. But Lyman took the genre to a different level. Over the years he explored a more sonic, transcendental, exotic version of Exotica and applied it to the hits of the day. He also explored deeper into Hawaiian and Asian music than Denny.

Amongst these nine CDs you will find subtle, quiet, vibe-led Exotica with plenty of bird calls. You will find Jazz done with an Exotica flare. And you will find Exotica style 1960s psychedelic Pop with vibes joining electric guitar!

Liner notes are written by SCRAM magazine editors David Smay and Kim Cooper. David’s recapping of Lyman’s life is used as the intro for each CD. Kim offers new content in the form of review-style notes for each CD.

Don’t be fooled by the generic cover art: each release has the cover of both LPs printed in full color. All you have to do is take the front booklet out and fold it backwards to show the cool orig LP cover art! The CD also contains a reprint of one of the LP back covers.