Authentic Les Baxter arrangement performed live

Tito Puente Jr. will be performing with The Florida Orchestra on Nov. 15, 17 & 18, 2007. He will be on the second half of the concert.

The first half will concert will consist of the orchestra playing Latin-tinged orchestral numbers.

On the bill will be a seldom-performed Les Baxter composition, “Mai-Tai” from his Reprise album “Soul of the Drums.” The Orchestra is playing the very arrangement that was used on the recording, courtesy of the Les Baxter Collection at the University of Arizona.

This will represent a rare opportunity to hear an authentic Les Baxter orchestral exotica arrangement performed live. If you’re anywhere near the Tampa Bay area, we would urge you attend one of these performances and to CLAP LOUDLY. We cannot promise anything, but it is our sincere hope that this will open the door for a future Les Baxter-themed concert by The Florida Orchestra.

Incidentally, Tito Puente, Jr. plays his father’s music and uses many of the charts from his Dad’s book. The rest of the night should be a lot of fun also.

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