Robert Drasnin records “Voodoo 2”

Robert Drasnin is recording Voodoo 2, the follow up to the highly influential Voodoo, released by Tops Records in 1959. Although Voodoo was in fact the only Exotica record made by Drasnin in his long and varied career in music, it is considered a classic of the Exotica genre, and it is truly one of the finest examples of what this musical style sought to achieve in the 1950s and 1960s.

Re-issued on CD by Dionysus during the recent Exotica revivalist movement, exposure to the original Voodoo by a new generation has resulted in overwhelming demand for more. After a unanimously enthusiastic response to a live performance in 2005, Mr. Drasnin was delighted at the opportunity to go back into the studio to create a follow-up to his singular masterpiece, almost five decades later.
Although the record will be released by Dionysus Records in Spring of 2007, the recording is being paid for out of Mr. Drasnin’s own pocket.

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