New releases by The Residents

News from The Residents:

As part of the overall 35th anniversary festivities, a series of new releases is set to start rolling out from the El Ralpho Archives. El Ralpho refers to the Residents first studio, probably named for the Sun Ra record label, El Saturn. It contains everything the Residents have ever recorded.

Though many people believe the archive is full of wondrous creations that the world has never heard, anyone who know The Cryptic Corporation knows that organization is not one to pass up releasing any worthwhile material. Most of the music found in the archives has been released, but some of it only in limited forms.

The first new CDs coming out of the archive is three volumes of rare instrumentals called “BEST LEFT UNSPOKEN…” Volume one, due in late August, is centered on the large work, Pollex Christi, but includes six unreleased tracks as well to round out an hour of Residential instrumental music, none of which has been on major albums.