Bruce Haack – The king of Techno DVD out now

“Bruce Haack was one of the most musically and lyrically inventive, but unknown artists in American history. Despite – or perhaps because of – his audience, his music was unusually expressive, combining homemade analog synths, classical, country, pop and acid rock elements with surreal lyrics. His music evolved from his passion and creation of numerous children’s albums but today his work has inspired the likes of world renowned musicians such as Beck and Beastie Boys’ Money Mark. One can only wish they had a mentor like Bruce Haack, a dude so cool his swan song was a rap collaboration with hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons. Packed with mind-blowing visuals, wild music and far out stories, Haack follows the King of Techno as he drops in on Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood and golden game show host Garry Moore.”
NTSC format DVD video, Running time: 70 minutes. Audio: Dolby Digital; Aspect Ratio: 4 x 3; 5.1 surround sound.”

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